Wordless Wednesday: baby milestones & a preschool boyfriend

The month of October started off a little rough, with our whole household being sick. Including the baby, who was also cutting two teeth at the same time. Needless to say the last two weeks I’ve had many sleepless nights. However we all seem to be on the mend. S it’s time to play catch-up, again, with forward with Wordless Wednesdays.

first off, this is been a busy month for baby milestones. Colton has started sitting up, gotten his first team and has nearly crawled.

October 6th he official started sitting all by himself!

One tooth in & another right behind it.

Crawling is just around the corner.

Next, Lilly got all dressed up in her big girl coat for birthday party. At this birthday party was her boyfriend Darius. Now, they have known each other since they were babies, but now they go to school together too. Lilly recently told us that she plans to marry Darius. Apparently Darius went home and told his parents he’s going to marry Lilly. So I guess the feeling is mutual.

Ah, young love.

I am in love with this coat on her.

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