#WordlessWednesday with linky: First Time at the Movies!

This past weekend, my husband’s work put on a kids Christmas party at the local movie theater. We debated if we should take Lilly, since this would be her first time at the movies. She loves movies at home, but she is free to roam around the house if she really wants to. I wasn’t quite sure how she would handle more than an hour sitting in the same seat…

She loved it! She now refers to the theater as the “really big TV” and asked to go back.

However, she was a bit disappointed when I let her know that we could not watch Frozen again at home. She didn’t quite understand that we don’t own the movies we see on the “big TV” like we do with the ones at home.


Movie theater selfie!

In other news, as promised by my hubby, I finally got an iPad Air as an early birthday present. I have wanted one since the darn things first came out. He told me more than a year ago that I would get one for my 30th birthday. I’m still 29 for a little over a month yet (maybe longer…we’ll see…) but we took advantage of some Black Friday savings and picked up my new prized toy a bit early.


It even has my name on it! LOVE!


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    She looks so excited in the photo! I can’t wait to see Frozen! I would love to take me daughter (2 1/2) but I don’t know how’d she handle being in a movie theater and I don’t know if I want to chance it, lol!

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    We haven’t taken our four year old to see a movie yet for the same reasons. He likes to wander around. Maybe in a year or two.

    And what a great birthday present! I would love a tablet!

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