Wordless Wednesday: Sled rides, crafting and homemade sushi.

Life has been a little more than crazy the last few weeks and I sadly have neglected my poor blog. Our whole household has been battling the cold that just won’t freaking end, plus a bit of teething out of our little man and an insane amount of work for the office… Really hoping to get a bit of time back to myself soon!

Last weekend, we took Cole out for his first sleigh ride. He LOVED it. It was in the middle of us all battling the worst of our colds and I thought a bit of fresh air would do us good. I can’t wait to take him out on this again. Lilly was such a good big sister, holding on to her baby brother the whole time.

Loved seeing the smiles on both their faces during this.

Loved seeing the smiles on both their faces during this.

This past weekend, I finally got around to some crafting that I’ve had on my list for ages. I wanted something unique to use as the coasters for me newly redesigned study/home office. When I spotted DIY scrabble tile coasters on Pinterest, I knew they were perfect for that space. I am a total word and book nerd and that whole room reflects that. This craft was super quick. It is literally just small square tiles from the home reno store and a sharpie. That’s it.

DIY Scrabble Tile Drink Coasters

Scrabble tile coasters for the wordy nerd in me ;)

I had also promised Lilly that her and I would master some homemade sushi on Sunday. It’s been a long while since I’ve made my own sushi, but it turned out well! Honestly, it’s not very hard to do, just time consuming.

Making sushi at home.

Homemade smoked salmon, avocado and cucumber rolls. Yum.


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