Mastering the morning…maybe.

I am always late. This is not some self deprecating statement nor is it an exaggeration. It’s simply a fact. I am always late. For instance right this minute I am feeding Lilly lunch, writing this post, waiting for my clothes to finish drying…and I have to meet the girls at the Zoo in 45 minutes…I’ll make it I swear ;)

Knowing I am always running behind, I was really worried about how my mornings would be when my husband went back to work. He starts at 7am, so not only is the daycare drop off on my plate, but he’s not even around to lend a hand.

My first few mornings only proved to add to my worry when Lilly decided to wake up 45 minutes earlier than normal. That might sound like a good thing, but if you’re a mom, you know the moments to yourself are crucial! Things were not starting off promisingly. Then yesterday happened.

I woke up at 6:30 (ugh) and somehow managed to not ignore my alarm. I got my butt out of bed, and got myself dressed. Thank god it was Friday since my desire to ‘dress to impress’ was seriously lacking. Jeans and t shirt days rock. I then proceeded to do my hair and makeup, make a coffee and back up my stuff, all before the baby woke up. Golden!

That’s right, my shirt says “# Keep Calm and Tweet On”.
I’m a twitter addict.

When Lilly woke up, I was already prepared with her outfit for the day. My baby is stylish :) Then it was onto breakfast and milk. After that she got 10 minutes of playtime while I packed up her diaper bag for the day. Now, it didn’t hurt that during all of this, the little angel felt like actually being a little angel.

Lilly sporting the tend of tunic with leggings
in this summer’s hottest colour, hot pink :)

 Getting out to the car was the regular balancing act of my briefcase, diaper bag, purse and baby…but we made it. All buckled in and on the road in plenty of time to get to daycare and then work on time. I know, it’s a miracle!

If I can continue to master my mornings this well, that would be extremely ideal :) Remember, I am the eternal optimist…but I am also accepting all fingers crossed and prayers from more experienced Mamas!

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