The truth to having children…slave labour ;)

Well it has been 21 months, but the fruits of my labour (literally) have begun to pay off! Lilly has become so incredibly helpful! She is so intent on helping me do each task as much as she possibly can. It is amazing.

Just this week, the little monkey helped me with the laundry. She likes to come down to the basement with me and help mommy pull all of the clothes out of the dryer. Now, she drops some of it on the floor and sometimes gets distracted by the cats, but she’s still actually a big help. She takes out the clothes a piece at a time, saving me all of the bending!

Getting the clothes for mommy!
Don’t freak, I didn’t let her play in the dryer!
Mommy’s smiley little helper!

This is why people have kids, correct? So they can do all the little bits of bidding that we as of them!

Kidding aside, I think it is truly adorable that she wants to help out so much. Ideally, this ‘helpful’ stage would last past age 12…but I’m guessing I shouldn’t hold my breath on that one!

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