#WordlessWednesday: Love him now like I did at 17.

Back in February, I had blogged about how my husband & high school sweetheart and I had been together for an entire decade.

With our 6th wedding anniversary having just passed earlier this month, I thought I would take this Wordless Wednesday to highlight our story in pictures.

This one’s for you babe ;)

February 2002 – Our first date aka his 19th birthday.
He doesn’t remember a damn thing!
February 2003 – One year anniversary for dating. This photo reminds me that I
should do a post to show the progression of my hair too. Yikes!
February 2004 – Two years into dating. Now time to point the finger
at his hair & that wolfman fro.
September 2006 – Tying the knot.
September 2006 – Honeymooners! He’s got the Dominican charm nailed down
with that top button open & chest hair peaking out. Rawr! ;)
September 2007 – One year into our marriage I asked for a baby.
I got Rinnie & loved her instantly.
May 2008 – Over a year into married life & still
grinding on the dance floor like teenagers.
July 2010 – Getting ready to be parents.
Don’t let the pretty picture fool you…we were terrified!
August 2010 – And two become three. Welcome to our little Lilly.
August 2012 – Our happy little family. Still madly in love :)


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