#WordlessWednesday: Toddler Tea Party!

A few weeks ago, Lilly and I had our first ever real tea party, complete with cooled fruit tea & gluten free brownies. She loved it so much she wanted to share it with Daddy to.

She drank more of this tea than I did!
Yummy gluten free chocolate brownies.
Tea time with Daddy. Nothing cuter than this.


  1. says

    These are such precious “I-want-time-to-stand-still” times. Thank goodness for cameras (and excellent memories) to keep these feelings close.

    I’m so happy I found you through Sincerely, Paula’s W.W. :->

    • says

      Thank you Ann! Happy to connect! Yes, moments like these I am glad I try to keep a camera on hand to document. I think she will love seeing them when she is older.

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