Talking With My Toddler #12: Flower Girl is Messy Business

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I recently broke the news to Lilly that she will be a flower girl in my brothers wedding this summer. I had been waiting to tell her until I thought she would understand what it meant a bit more.

I explained it to her one morning while we sat at the breakfast table. I said that Uncle Bob and Aunt Karen are having a wedding, and that she would be a special part of it. I described what she would wear and what exactly a flower girl does.

She had the typical toddler responses of “why” and “how come”, but she generally seemed to get it.

30 minutes later however, while riding in the car to daycare, she had settled on her opinion of the matter.

Lilly: “Mommy, I no be fower girl.

Me: “You don’t want to be a flower girl? How come honey?

Lilly: “No, it’s bad.

Me: (a little perplexed) “What do you mean it’s bad?

Lilly: “I no put fowers on the floor. That making a mess. That’s bad!

This is one of those so frequent times that I try desperately not to laugh at her. She has sound reasoning and she is quite serious. Yet without realizing it, she is funny as hell.

Me: “It’s not bad sweetheart. You’re allowed to put the flowers on the floor for the wedding.

Lilly: “No. It’s bad Mommy. I no make mess.

Me: “Ok honey. We’ll talk about it again another time. You might feel differently.

She shoots me a look in the rear view mirror, furrowing her brows & frowns.

Clearly I don’t know how wrong I am.

A few things I can take away from this segment of Talking With My Toddler:

  1. I should maybe lay off the “Please don’t make a mess!” when she is tearing apart her playroom.
  2. Or, should I just be happy that my child doesn’t like making messes.
  3. If she is so concerned about making messes, then why does my house always look like it’s been robbed by mid-day Saturday??

Flash forward a few weeks and we received a certain package in the mail. Both my Maid of Honour dress and her Flower Girl dress arrived. They are stunning!

Like any other true girly girl at heart, one step into a big puffy dress and she was sold.

Capitalizing on her excitment, I decided to show her a few YouTube videos to show her a flower girl in action.

An hour later I was just about done with shaky shot family videos and she was demanding “again, again!”

Shoot me. 

But at least now she seems to be on board.

She will be just under a week away from her 3rd birthday when the wedding takes place, so ideally it will sink in a little more as the day approaches.


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      Thanks. I’s so sweet on her. I orders both our dresses big, so this is way too long for her, but the wedding is 5 months away. I’ll have to alter both of them closer to the date. Mine is full length, mermaid style, chocolate brown with an aqua belt. Very pretty :)

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