Book Review & Giveaway: The Guide to Baby Sleep Positions.

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Strategic planning.

In terms of co-sleeping, my husband I lucked out for pretty much all of Lilly’s first year. We were cursed with having a good sleeper until she was about 12 months old. I say cursed because we just wound up paying our dues later, after she was year-old, after maternity leave was over, and I had to drag my sleep-deprived butt to work in the morning.

It was not always pretty.

All hell broke loose when she was about 12.5 months old. Since then, we have had countless nights of lost sleep and bad backs. The worst night of co-sleeping we have likely ever had was just recently. We transitioned Lilly into a big girl bed when we moved last fall, so now we get surprise attacks at 2 a.m. People tell you it gets better as they get older. People lie.

Don’t get me wrong, snuggling in bed with your little one can be a beautiful thing. For part of the night. The Guide to Baby Sleep Positions, by Andy Herald and Charlie Capen from, is a hilarious and honest look at what parents go through when co-sleeping.

guide to baby sleep positions, baby sleep positions book review, toddler, parenting,

It will make you laugh in a way that only parents can. A belly laugh that turns slowly into a quiet chuckle and ultimately ends in soft sobs. As we recall times when our precious new baby pulled “The Exorcist” at 3 am and we shamefully tossed a clean towel over it and went back to sleep… One of the only things parents still have in common with college kids.

This comprehensive guide covers 30 various positions that co-sleeping parents might find themselves in. All the classics are in there, like “H is for Hell” and “Roundhouse Kick” but my personal favourite and most dreaded is the “Snow Angel” move. I can handle a bad position if I fall asleep, but the constant moving around keeps me from getting to sleep in the first place. That just sucks.

guide to baby sleep positions, baby sleep positions book review, toddler, parenting,
“Bahaha! Mom, you’re gonna HATE this one!”

Luckily for us, Charlie and Andy have included handy sections for “Side Effects” and “Tips” to help us wade through our misery.

They even touch on the first night new parents spend without the baby in bed. Of course it’s merely a cleverly placed phrase coincidence that when explaining the tips for this position, they opened with “you’re going to do it!”

Keep it clean people, they just meant you’re going to make it through the night without the baby. Right, Charlie & Andy??

Ideally speaking, whenever I get that urge to bring her into bed, cuddle and peacefully fall asleep, I will be able to flip through this book and come back to my senses.

The Guide to Baby Sleep Positions is available on Amazon for under $10. I know that’s about the price of 5 coffees that you require after your co-sleeping nights, but it’s totally worth it. I’m also giving away a copy!

Enter the Giveaway for The Guide to Baby Sleep Positions

Have experience co-sleeping with your little one? No? Then move along. We don’t need braggers on here… Just kidding. All are welcome to comment and enter the giveaway. Even those lucky parents who have perfect sleepers. After all, I used to be among you. *takes swing of 3rd coffee before noon*

To enter, leave a comment with your favourite and/or most hated position(s). One entry per person. Canada & US residents only. Deadline to enter is Thursday, May 9, 2013 at 11:59 PM EST. Winner will be notified Friday, May 10.

Disclaimer – As I have said before, I was not compensated by at all. They are rockstars and I am just one of their many groupies.


  1. says

    LOL I love this, it’s so true. We have been lucky so far with Munchkin taking (mostly) to her crib, but the want to snuggle her at night is pretty tempting…must remember this book lol

  2. says

    Thanks for the giveaway! Sloan is in bed with us a lot because I nurse her on my side for those late-night feedings (many of them – I swear she has her father’s appetite)and I usually fall asleep before Sloan does so I wake up with a peacefully sleeping baby beside me and a cold boob. I don’t think they have a name for that position yet. Maybe the ‘titsicle’ would work? haha

  3. says

    Fave? EASY! When they sleep in their own bed lol!!
    Worst? Those little toes digging into your back! Or that strategic roll over where you get a smack or a kick in the head!!
    But REMEMBER they are only young once and ONE day we will miss it all!!

  4. says

    Love How to Be a Dad,too, so yeah, I want this book.
    Fave – when they spoon with you and share the pillow, so you can actually sleep while on your side.
    Worst – when you get head butted because she’s trying to simultaneously move closer to the headboard and steal more of the pillow.
    But I still love it! :)

  5. says

    I didn’t actively co-sleep, but I still woke many nights to discover not one, but often two quickly growing girls crammed into my bed. Faced between squished ness and contemplating trying to carry a 60 lb 9 year old to bed, it was always easier to let them sleep.

    They leave me alone now, but still often co-sleep together.

  6. says

    i had 6 kid 3 and 3 from 2 different generations first set never slept in my bed but as i got older the last 3 i have allowed and i hate it when all 3 are in our bed its cramped we do have a califonia king but 2 are roamers and my lord do they move all night i end up kicking them out or leaving myself

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