#WordlessWednesday with LINKY: The Zoo!

This past weekend we headed to the Elmvale Zoo. It may not be as big as the Toronto Zoo, but it is only 30 minutes from my house and is the perfect size for my little lady. They have a good range of animals and shorter walking paths. It’s a bit more of an intimate zoo, allowing kids to interact, feed and pet many of the animals.

We met up with my 2 sister-in-laws and Lilly’s cousins. Her cousin, Owen, is no stranger to this blog. At only 6 days apart in age, they really are becoming the best of friends.

It’s obvious what our toddlers are thinking. I really want to know what this giraffe is thinking!
The petting zoo portion. Lilly was brave enough to go in, but spent 90% of the time climbing mine and her Aunt’s leg…
Slide races at lunch!
Lilly: “Let’s walk. Hold my hand!” Owen: “Okay!”
Too freaking cute.


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