Ideal #OOTD: Loose top for early maternity.

Sadly this is my first fashion post in well over a week. If you read my HUGE baby news earlier this week, you now know why. The first stages of pregnancy can definitely leave one feeling less than stylish ;) However, every know and then I have a day where I wake up feeling more motivated. Tuesday was one of those days. Yeah!

I had treated myself to a mini shopping spree at Bootlegger for our anniversary on Monday. I made it my mission to find a few looser fitting tops in darker colours for the fall. I actually went as far as to buy them each one size larger than normal, so that they will fit me for at least a while with this growing bump.

This was a hidden trick of mine throughout my last pregnancy as well – find regular clothes that can double as maternity. At least for a bit.

For anyone wondering how I squeezed into my skinny jeans (rare occasion lately), let me introduce you to the amazing Belly Belt. It has tons of settings to allow you to comfortably wear your own jeans for much longer. LOVE. IT.

Wear a regular loose tank as early maternity top!

Butterfly print tank. Cute look for Fall!

Butterfly Print Tank – Bootlegger
Cardigan – Bootlegger
Skinny Jeans – Bluenotes
Shoes – Zellers (closing sale)
Handbag – Bentley
Earrings – Bootlegger
Bracelet – Tiffany’s & co.


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