Ideal #OOTD: Maternity office wear & polka dots

For the most part with this pregnancy, I can be pretty relaxed and casual. While I still like to be fashionable and look good, the majority of people in our office wear jeans and an overall casual business style. This works well for being comfortable in maternity wear.

My heart honestly goes out to those in the more stricter professions that mandate purchasing the super expensive (and I’m guessing less comfortable) three piece maternity suits…

However, there are days when I need to step up my game in the business wear department. Days when I have face-to-face client meetings. I had one of those days last week.

Now, I am going to state now that nothing I wore in this outfit was maternity. It all just happened to be comfortable and fit well. These pants in particular are ones I bought when I was pregnant with Lilly. They are just $20 stretch, pull-on dress pants from Suzy Shier and they work amazingly as maternity pants. The miracle? They keep their shape when you’re not pregnant. I had these in with my regular pants and not my maternity clothes, so I nearly forgot about them. So glad I remembered they are an option. I also have them in electric blue. Love. :)

I also just noticed they now offer them in a skinny faux leather…I will be making a trip to my dear Suzy very, very soon…

 Comfortable maternity look for the office Cute maternity look for the office. Cute maternity look for the office.

Blazer – Suzy Shier
Polka-dot top – Joe Fresh
Skinny pull-on pants – Suzy Shier
Pink Ombre Earrings – Bootlegger
Mid-calf leather boots – Vintage



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