#WordlessWednesday with linky: Pink Dinosaur Halloween Costume

As was the case with her 3rd birthday party, my little lady had very specific ideas of what she wanted to be for Halloween this year. A dinosaur. A pink dinosaur to be exact. I had to bust out my DIY skills again.

Pink Dinosaur Costume

RAWR! My little pink dinosaur!

In fact, she even planned out her back story. She wanted to be a bad pink dinosaur, who kidnapped the princess. I, naturally, would play the part of the princess. A knocked up princess. Let’s see Disney make a movie about that one…

  Pink Dinosaur Halloween Costume
Our amazing neighbours put together a special little bag of treats for Lilly, completely gluten free. This is our 2nd Halloween since Lilly was diagnosed with Celiacs Disease & going through her treat bag is always priority 1 when we get home. It was incredible to see our neighbours take such care to ensure we didn’t have to worry about what they gave her.

Gluten Free Halloween Treats


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    Virtual high five for the awesome neighbors.

    You make an awesome knocked up princess and she is the bestest (yes, I know it’s kinda sorta not a word) pink dino.


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