Giveaway #DisneyBabyCA Tips: 5 Ways to Soothe Baby’s Skin in Winter

The issue of soothing skin is a big one in our house. We are definitely prone to some of the more irritation auto immune disorders, such as eczema and psoriasis. Due to this, I am very cautious and protective when my little ones have dry skin.

Obviously the winter season brings on a much higher risk of skin irritation due to the temperature and dry air. In our home, we already do all of the tips below. I do take extra care with moisturizer and use one I know is as natural as possible. Same goes for the kids’ body washes and shampoos. Softness is a prime feature when selecting towels for my little ones, since I know that can have an impact on their skin as well.

Both of my kids LOVE bath time. So convincing them not to linger in the tub can be a bit tricky. Lilly has now started to ask for showers more often, but Cole is just getting started with loving the bath. I’ve never seen anyone make a splashy mess in the bathroom quite like that little guy! However, bath time is one of those activities that can be too much of a good thing. It’s all a balancing act to make sure they are cleaned without drying them out.

Disney Baby has put together a great list of tips to help keep your little ones smooth and moisturized for the harsh winter season.

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With wintry winds and arid air come some fairly familiar sights. As the seasons change, chapped lips, rough hands, itchy limbs and raw, red noses become more and more common. With their brand-new skin, babies are even more susceptible to sensitivities than their parents. Not only is a baby’s skin thin and delicate, but it produces fewer moisturizing oils than that of adults. To help protect your little one from the winter weather ahead, Disney Baby has put together five simple ways to lock in skin’s moisture.

When it comes to tub time, don’t dwell

For many babies, bath time is a lot of fun and it can be a great way to calm down before bed. But if your little one is prone to dry skin, try to keep baths short and sweet. Limit tub time to ten minutes or less, use warm water instead of hot, and don’t let your little one soak in suds.

In wintry months, more moisturizer is a must

Apply moisturizer every twelve hours, to make sure baby’s skin stays soft and smooth. This is particularly important after a bath. Take this time to rub some baby lotion or oil into your little one’s damp skin, and then tuck your tot into a cozy towel to lock that moisture in.

 If your house is dry, humidify

If you notice that your house is dry, try getting a cool-mist humidifier, like this cute Winnie the Pooh one, or adding a humidifier to your furnace. After all, moisture in the air adds moisture to the skin.

 Hydrate the inside, to hydrate the outside

Ensure that your little one has plenty to drink. Add a little extra formula to your baby’s bottles, or, if you’re still breastfeeding, try to do it more often. If your little ones are more than 6 months old, keep a learner cup on hand and make sure they are drinking plenty of water so they can replace the moisture that’s evaporating from their skin.

To avoid diaper rash, ditch diapers quickly

In the winter, the skin on your baby’s bottom is more vulnerable to irritants. To prevent diaper rash, change your little one’s diaper often and allow some diaper-free time to give baby’s bum some air. For added protection, use a diaper cream or petroleum jelly to protect your little one’s skin from friction.


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Ideally speaking, all of our little ones will make it through this winter with the same baby soft, smooth skin we all love to snuggle.


  1. Anne Taylor says

    When my babies were little I would massage them with warm oils! They loved it and so did I! My youngest daughter is having her first baby in March so I feel very lucky to have another baby to pamper!

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