Have you joined Influenster yet?

influenster_logo Influenster made their grand entrance into Canada a little under two years ago and I remember being very excited to see that they decided to do so. While there may be a different blogger network/platform everywhere you look, Influenster is doing it a little differently than all the rest.

For starters, there is the amazing VoxBox. While some platforms simply want you to talk about a product, Influenster works with brands to actually put products in your hands to try. They want your honest opinion and they know that trying a product out is an important part of that.

Canadian VoxBox with Influenster

The very first Canadian VoxBox

Thanks to the selection of goodies I have received, I have uncovered new brands that I love.

Now, there is no real monetary compensation for your social involvement around a product. There is simply the product compensation and the opportunity to build up your resume as an influencer. With each VoxBox campaign, you can choose to do as little or as much as you like. There is a mandatory survey, which as a corporate marketer, I think is fantastic. It ensures the brand will receive real feedback, even if the influencer chooses not to share socially. From there, each campaign breaks into a number of smaller tasks. You can earn points for each one, such as sharing a photo on Instagram or tweeting about the product. How much you promote the product is really up to you.

Another difference about the Influenster platform compared to others is that it. is. addictive! You sign in to make one simple change and can find yourself playing around with the “Snaps” and “Badges” for hours. They have such an immense selection of topics and interests that you can never really be done building your profile.

Dashboard with Influenster Canada

My Influenster Dashboard

Likewise, the Influenster App is equally addictive. You can manage your entire Influenster profile, browse campaigns & products and use the tools they have installed to build your influence with sharing opinions and reviews right from your smartphone.

The beautiful browse screen of the Influenster mobile app.

The beautiful browse screen of the Influenster mobile app.

If you haven’t check out Influenster yet, I highly recommend you do so. You really have nothing to lose and ideally speaking, tons of little goodies to gain.

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