Talking With My Toddler #21: Teaching the baby new words

Letting your toddler teach your baby can be dangeroous. And hilarious.Recently, during one of our morning cuddle sessions, Lilly asked if she could “see” the baby. I understood that with this request, she was asking to see an app on my phone that shows us the growing baby’s progress week by week. I launched the app and we examined what the baby looks like now and read all the little pieces of info for this stage. We read about how the baby has now fully developed ears and can hear us.

Lilly: “The baby can hear me now?”

Me: “Yes, the baby is just starting to hear. So you can say hi, or sing a song. Maybe teach the baby some words.”

Lilly: “Teach her (she’s insistent on a girl…) what kinds of words, Mama?”

Me: “Anything you like sweetie.”

Lilly takes a moment to contemplate this information, then after looking like she has decided on her contribution to the baby’s vocabulary, leans in close to my belly…

Lilly: (in a slightly singing tone) “Bum. Bum. Bum. Bum. Bum. Bum. Bum.”

Me: “That’s the first word you want to teach to the baby?! (rolling my eyes) Lovely Lilly.”

She takes this older sibling duty thing very seriously. Obviously.

Toddler + baby belly is too cute!


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    Found you from the Friday Fun blog hop. Your picture stood out (I’m having a 2nd baby as well) and clicked over right away! Love your space and looking forward to reading about the rest of your pregnancy and the start of a new chapter with two. Hope you’ll check me out sometime :)
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    BTW, when are you due?

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